A few tips on choosing the right guitar for you and getting started, how to practise, and what to practice?

First is to listen to some music and think about the style perhaps you would like to learn, acoustic, rock , jazz, blues, or of course a bit of everything.

Write a list of songs that you like, and would one day love to be able to play.

Work out a budget and buy the best guitar possible, please don’t hesitate to ask me for any suggestions when looking.

Commit to weekly lessons and see where you can find some time during the week to practise, for 10 or 15 minutes every other day to begin with.

Have some fun with your guitar and put in somewhere on view, be inspired by it so you want to play it.

We will work out a practise schedule that suits you, you don’t need to commit to an hour every night if you don’t have the time, short focused and correct practise can take you far and shave years of lazy sloppy practise where you don’t gain anything.

Come and book in for lessons and lets begin the journey.

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